Join us Saturday, August 25th for our annual Honey Extraction Workshop!

If you have any honey to extract, this is an excellent time to do so! Bring as many frames as you’d like. Please bring a small jar to the workshop if you would like to take some honey home (or enough jars for your personal honey extracted).

Where: 2 Murray Hill Drive, Dartmouth
When: 2:00 PM

Please RSVP by emailing so we have an estimate of how many people are planning to attend.


Time:  Tentatively scheduled for 1PM on Saturday, 30 June.

Place:  31 Roupen Court, Hammonds Plains

The focus of this workshop will be the installation of nucs into permanent hives.  It will be a time for people not familiar with bees and backyard operations to see the setting up of a hive.  It can also be a time to just discuss issues about beekeeping.

We are Meeting as a Society to have a positive and friendly discussion about the City Centre plan: Meeting at Halifax Public Library, Tuesday June 12 at 6:30pm, We are lucky to have Luc Youelette, a city Planner meet with us to discuss the present draft of plans for Halifax.  He will give a brief explanation of the plans moving forward.  He is very pro bees and is taking the Modern Beekeeper course at Dalhouse at his own expense.  Please welcome him.  This is a friendly meeting for input and we hope to compose a letter to send to them.  Thank you and hope you can attend.


2018 Workshops

  1. Intro to Beekeeping  Sunday May 27 from 2-3:30pm

Location: 11 Burns Drive, Halifax

Please RSVP to, so I can have an idea of numbers attending.

We will cover the basics of how to start a hive and open up a hive in our yard if weather permits.

Please bring your bee jacket if you have one, or a mosquito net for your face, and gloves.  It is no fun to get stung, and the bees can sting.  We will be working around the hive.  We will cover the very beginning basics of beekeeping and also possibly be identifying a queen, drone and worker.  We may have an opportunity to split one of the hives.  We will be giving new members a sign for their lawn, if they would like one.  Thank you for your interest.


2. Installing a Nuc:  Date and place  to Be Announced,

Hosted by Roger and Yvon, (depends on date nucs arrive)


3. Beginner Queen Rearing: Date and Time to be Announced

Hosted by Roger Croll


4. Honey Harvesting : Late August: Date and Place to be Announced

5. Other Possible Topics: Depending on Host availability and time

  • building a nuc box
  • pollinator gardens

Please stay tuned for further updates. You can become a member by emailing the above address or coming to the meeting and paying the required dues.  Please download the form and bring it with you.



Join us this Saturday, October 21st for our annual Honey Extraction Workshop!

Please bring a small jar to the workshop if you would like to take some honey home. There will also be time allotted to answering any questions related to feeding and winterization!

Where: 2 Murray Hill Drive, Dartmouth
When: 1:30 PM

Please RSVP by emailing so we have an estimate of how many people are planning to attend.

Spring Management/ Splitting a Bee Hive

(weather permitting, no raindate has been set)

Location: 283 Windsor Drive, Stillwater Lake, Halifax                                     Time:  Sunday June 4/17 at 2pm

Hosted by: Corey Bergman of Topbarhoneybeeco.

Please bring your protective bee gear if you have some and we are going to look into a Halifax Honeybee Hive and split the hive into two hives, and learn how this is done as well as discuss some spring management techniques. If you do not have the gear, you are welcome to attend and observe, there is occasionally a chance of being stung by a bee.  It will be a great opportunity to ask questions and see how the split is done.  Looking forward to seeing our members there!

The Halifax Honeybee society will be hosting a workshop on building a wooden hive.   It will be located at “Hands on Halifax”, located on Almon Street in Halifax,  hosted by Marcel Boudreau, who is a member of Halifax Honeybee Society.  We will be building two hives and learning the techniques for same.  Date is May 17/17, and time will be in evening, (we will announce when plans are confirmed), One hive is for the society and the other will be raffled off at the end of the evening.  We are charging a small admission fee of $10 each, this will give you a ticket to enter the draw for the hive.  We would request an RSVP please, just to be sure of the people we can accommodate. Please RSVP to   We look forward to seeing you!