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Honey Bees Halifax, an film art piece created by one of our members, Jeff Wheaton:

Queen Bee’s mating flight:

Bees can detect cancer: A project by Susan Soares:

Bees can sniff out bombs, military research:

A supermarket without bees:

Nature’s little 3D printers:

Could a mushroom save a honey bee?

TED Talks about bees:

Marla Spivak, Why the bees are disappearing:

Noah Wilson-Rich, Every city needs healthy honey bees:

Progressive Beehive Designs:

Philips Urban Beehive Design:

Flow Hive:

Mason Jar Beehive (DYI):

New and Innovative Research:

Function Four. A software technology for better hive monitoring and record-keeping for tracking from farm-to-table :


Isabella Rossellini’s Kooky Educational Videos on Bees:

Bee Model could be a breakthrough for Robot Development:


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