Urban Beekeeping, Bee Resources, and Bee Issues

  • Nova Scotia Bees – a beautiful site and a great resource. Created by a Halifax beekeeper!
  • Honey Bees – Simple name and a big mission – the proliferation of bees in Canada. A great clearing house of info for Canadian Beekeepers. They’re also on Facebook!
  • Backyard Hive – a truly wonderful resource website, in support of backyard beekeepers. Check out their beautiful designs for top bar beehives, which are designed to support a more natural life style for the bees.
  • Bee Guardian – the sister site to Backyard Hive, this site details their projects dedicated to the renewal of bee populations. Pretty exciting stuff!
  • Jardin du Luxembourg – located in Paris, this garden features a beekeeping school that has been operating since 1856.
  • New York City Beekeepers Association – an amazing project. They are also offering classes. Truly an inspiration for the Halifax Honeybee Society! And they just got legalized! Click here to read more info on NYC Beekeeper’s successful campaign. Click here to see great videos about urban beekeepers, made last year while beekeeping in NYC was still illegal.
  • Here’s a nice article in Canadian Gardening, promoting urban beekeeping.

Bee Art and Other Charming Finds

  • This interesting article features a slide show about how Hilary Berseth coaxes his bees into making beautiful wax scultures.

Gardening, Food and other Related Initiatives in Nova Scotia