The Halifax Honey Bee Society is proud to share a new urban beekeeping initiative taking place in the North End Dartmouth! Healthy Honey Beez, lead by Family SOS and the Healthy Teenz Program, is a social project that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being and includes maximizing social impact rather than profits.

Youth participants (aged 12-18) in the Healthy Teenz Dartmouth program will be managing two Honey Bee (Apis Melifera) Hives, located in the Guy Jacobs Community Garden, at 35 Jackson Road.  They will ensure the well being of the bees and their hive, while engaging their community on the importance of bees on a global level.  In addition, the youth will harvest, package, market and sell honey from the hive.  In doing this the youth will enhance and develop valuable life skills and an entrepreneurial spirit.  Many experienced beekeepers have stated that beekeeping is a therapeutic activity that in many ways mirrors meditation.  The mindfulness and patience learned from beekeeping can have a lifelong impact on a person’s mental health and well being.  In addition to the actual act of beekeeping, the processes learned around managing an apiary and a small business will help many youth appreciate and understand the challenges around operating your own business and all the tasks that come along with it.  Finally, while working with wild animals, the Healthy Honey Beez project aims to educate the community and its members on the importance and science behind Honey Bees and their hives.  While doing this, it is hoped that youth will develop a love for science as well as passion for contributing to their community.

While this initiative will be launching in the North End of Dartmouth, they hope to extend the opportunity to other community gardens and make it a city wide project. If you are interested in supporting the initiative, please email Stewart Zaun, Program Coordinator at Family SOS at

A community meeting is being held on Thursday March 10th at 6pm at the Dartmouth North Community Centre to introduce and discuss an exciting new initiative lead by Family SOS and the Healthy Teenz Program.

Click on the event poster below and watch the video showing a sneak preview.
Family SOS Healthy Honey Beez Community Meeting Poster (1)