We’ve scheduled an interesting series of workshops this year! Here are the basic details, with more coming soon:

  • Intro to beekeeping/Spring Beekeeping Tasks/Making Protein Patties – May 3; 11 Burns Drive, Halifax; 2-4pm
  • Intro to the Honey Bee Hive – June 7th; 3676 Leaman Street; 2-4pm
  • Gardening for bees/pollinators – July 16 3-5:30pm; Armbrae Academy Community Garden, 1400 Oxford St.
  • Honey Bee Diseases – Aug. 23th; 2888 Dublin Street; 2-4pm
  • Mid-season Inspection – September TBA; 2-4pm, Spryfield Urban Farm Museum, 211-339 Herring Cove Road
  • Extraction – September; exact date and location TBD
  • Beekeeping Carpentry 101; October (exact date TBD), 218 Windsor Dr., Stillwater Lake
  • Winterizing – November (exact date TBD)

We’re also exploring some other workshop possibilities. If you are keen to lead one of these, please email halifaxhoneybees@gmail.com:

  • Top bar/ware hive beekeeping
  • Leafcutter bee/native bee hive
  • Importance of native bee pollinators