Hi Bee Friends!

I’m sure you’re wondering what’s is coming up! Here’s what is in the works:

June 7: 100in1day Event

  • Display and interactive fun at the 100in1dayHFX event, at the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market
  • 10:30-2pm
  • Email Jillian at jillianruhl@gmail.com if you want to help out!

June 14: Intro to Beekeeping

  • Workshop will cover basic information about honey bees and their life cycles, equipment used in beekeeping and an overview of what a year in beekeeping looks like

July: Honey Bee Diseases

  • Workshop will cover all major honeybee diseases and parasites

August: Honey Extraction

  • Workshop will involve extracting some honey from society hives for everyone to taste. Society party!

September: Preparing Hives for Winter

  • Workshop will cover a variety of techniques and approaches (traditional and experimental) for preparing a hive to overwinter successfully.

Date TBD: Top bar hive building workshop

  • Something fun and different! This workshop will involve an additional registration fee, to cover materials. More details coming soon!

For full details, email halifaxhoneybees@gmail.com.