Hello Halifax Bee Lovers!

Apologies for the delay getting this info up! Many people have inquired about 2013, so we’re excited to get started with another great bee season.

Here’s what we have planned for 2013:

March/April: Spring hive maintenance.

  • The timing will be weather dependent. Yvon (who is running the workshop) will watch the weather and alert the group when the conditions are right.

May: Intro to Beekeeping (divided into two sessions)

  • Session one: Equipment
  • Session two: Techniques and season overview

May/June: Splitting and Swarm control

  • The timing will depend on the strength of the demonstration hives

June/July: Discussion of Diseases and Pests

August: Honey Harvest

September: Final Varroa treatment and Preparing for Winter

Film Showing: Queen of the Sun

  • Timing TBA

Winter Coffee Shop Chats

  • Timing TBA

Do you want to be part of the planning? We’re always keen to receive new energy and ideas on the planning team. Email halifaxhoneybees@gmail.com if you’re interested!

Interested in membership? See our membership page for details.